William Grant & Sons commissioned this series of artworks to create a fresh brand identity for their new triple malt Monkey Shoulder
Monkey Shoulder is a triple malt Scotch whisky aimed at a new generation of drinkers - rebranding a classic for 20/30 somethings without losing its sense of heritage. These are two of a series of characters commissioned by William Grant & Sons to help build a new identity, challenging more traditional perceptions of the whisky drinker.
Monkey Shoulder is a triple malt with a smooth rich flavour, making it an ideal whisky for mixing. Read reviews from the UK's top bar-tenders at the Monkey Shoulder website and try the taste for yourself. William Grant & Sons commissioned this artwork to promote a series of events celebrating the changing face of whisky cocktails.
Monkey Shoulder is a vatting of three single malts distilled by William Grant & Sons: Balvenie, Glenfiddich and Kininvie. 'Triple malt' because it blends three malts without using any grain, placing it somewhere between blended and single malt whisky. William Grant & Sons commissioned this artwork to illustrate Monkey Shoulder's triple parentage.
The smooth vanilla notes of Monkey Shoulder come from the oak barrels in which it is stored. Bourbon casks are shipped over from the US and repaired on-site at William Grant's cooperage. In this illustration I've tried to capture the hot hard reality of a physically demanding and highly skilled process.
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