'The Pact Between Men' was an aspirational mini site within Johnnie Walker's Asia Pacific website, tracking the progress of four friends walking the path to greatness together. OgilvyOne Beijing commissioned me to produce 20+ skins, which formed a series of integrated scenes that built into 3D navigational pop-up books.
Each element on a page linked to a different section of the mini site.
Set against the backdrop of a dreamy metropolis, 'The Pact' follows the progress of four friends walking the path to greatness together - friends who have already formed a successful architectural partnership. 
'The Pact Between Men' adapted Johnnie Walker's global 'Keep Walking' campaign for a Chinese market. In contrast to the quiet reflective whisky mood in the west, Chinese drinkers consume whisky with close friends on a night out in a noisy karaoke bar. 
One of these friends dreams of becoming a film director; the other three decide to fire him, not because of incompetence but because they have to honour their promise to help him reach his full potential. 
In the last scene, the four friends raise a toast and say 'Keep Walking' signifying a pact to help each other progress through life.
The 'Keep Walking ' tagline is used as a toast, a substitute for 'gan bei' (Chinese for 'cheers' or 'drink til the cup is empty') expressing a belief that 'success will be greater if we walk together'. 
Screenshots of work in progress
This idea made 'Keep Walking' relevant to Chinese drinking culture and the Chinese concept of progress.
'The Pact Between Men' was used as a cross-platform sequential storytelling structure bringing over 7 million unique visitors to Johnnie Walker's Asia Pacific site and unprecedented media value across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. The campaign was shortlisted for a Cannes Lions in the Best Use of The Internet / New Media, Including Mobile Phones, PDAs category in 2009.
Scratches / creative direction by Michael Chu.
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