Six consumer profiles with an emphasis on footwear, commissioned for Outdoor Insight magazine.
Grown-up Granola Girl

Age: 30ish

Back in the day she listened to the Dead and Phish. Now she chooses durable anti-fashion brands such as Birkenstock, Frye and Naot.
Lululemon Lass

Age: 30-45

Forget jeans, this shopper lives in her Lululemons. Thank goodness they don’t sell shoes. Yet. Fitness is a major priority. Lululemon Lass runs, goes to the gym and finds time for at least one yoga class a week. She's always the first to get the newest Nikes.
Suburban Soccer Mom

Age: 30-45

Suburban Soccer Mom drives an SUV or mini-van, schlepping kids to and from school, sports or after school activities. Always busy, always on the go, Suburban Soccer Mom is a combination of working mom and  inappropriately named ‘stay at home’ mom.
Queen of the Manor

Age: 30-45

Queen of the Manor is focused on getting her daughter to horseback riding lessons and everyone dressed for the occasion. Wherever she lives, Queen of the Manor always tries to find more time to be at the country house. Combining elegant style with premium quality, this shopper buys her Burberry jackets and shoes at Neiman’s. Queen of the Manor is a trophy wife and doesn’t mind letting everyone know it. Riding boots from Ariat.
Violin Practice Mom

Age: 40-55

The urban equivalent of soccer mom, Violin Practice Mom has her kids focused on academics and after-school activities rather than sports. Her attitude shapes her taste in footwear - she's more likely to buy expensive brands than her suburban counterpart. Status is getting her kids into the right college and being the first to wear Minimus at her Hot Yoga Class.
Empty Nester (and loving it)

Age: 55ish

With her kids off the payroll, this shopper is young enough to enjoy life and ready to spend a few bucks on herself. Empty Nester appreciates service and is a shrewd customer, but will also splurge on the right item. Because of her age the premium is on comfort, although she’s not ready to sacrifice style. Empty Nester wears high-end Comfort shoes like Waldlauefer, Drew or Arche.
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