The Metropolitan Police provides a world class service for London. On the streets and in the community they're committed to making the city safe and secure, a role that hasn't changed in more than 180 years. Serving London 24/7, they use their specialist skills and knowledge to challenge threatening behaviour and bring criminals to justice. The Met asked me to illustrate 23 of the police officers and staff you're most likely to see out and about in the city.
Traffic Officers
With London one of the busiest cities these officers are trained in preventing and investigating accidents, maintaining traffic flow, enforcing traffic legislation and promoting road safety.
Motorcycle Officer / POLSA Officer
Motorcycle officers are able to reach critical locations in traffic or where there are unexpected obstacles. They help to reduce the number of traffic related deaths, injuries and crimes on London's roads. Some officers also perform special escort and diplomatic protection roles. POLSA officers are specially trained to undertake detailed searches after a major crime has happened or before a large scale operation.
Mounted Officer / Dog Handler
Mounted branch officers' duties include high visibility patrols and the policing of events such as football matches and demonstrations. The high vantage point and versatility of the mounted officers makes them a valued police resource. Dog handlers are deployed for searches that are impractical for humans alone but ideal for a dog team. Dogs are trained to find items like drugs, explosives and human remains.
Underwater Search Officer / Line Access Officer
A trained diving team supports investigations involving crime, reports of missing persons or lost property of high value. They are a vital resource when it comes to policing London's waterways. Line Access Officers search restricted spaces to help locate vital evidence and search for missing vulnerable people. They also carry out searches in hard to reach places to protect VIPs and the general public at major London events.

Cycle Officer / Police Community Support Officers
Officers regularly use bicycles to carry out duties from patrolling neighbourhoods to traffic enforcement. Trained cycle officers also give cycle safety demonstrations to help reduce road casualties. PCSOs provide a visible policing presence throughout London. By gathering intelligence and carrying out reassurance patrols they deter crime and anti-social behaviour. Whilst they do not have powers of arrest, they are pivotal to our link with communities
Specialist Firearms Officer / Territorial Support Group Officers
Specialist Firearms Officers duties include armed stops and hostage rescues. The armed support of these highly trained officers allows the majority of London policing to be performed unarmed. Territorial Support Group Officers police any planned  or spontaneous public events where disorder may break out. They also respond to critical incidents and support boroughs through activity such as pre-planned police operations.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Officers
Volunteer Police Cadet, Special Constables
Police Volunteer / Air Observer
Forensics Officer / Custody Nurse Practitioner / Detective
Police Sergeant / Police Constables
Police Staff / Catering Assistant
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