Hand Amulet Necklace from Datter Industries
"This necklace seems to have become the default illustrator's talisman, whenever I go to an event or fair I see them everywhere! No wonder, it's a great necklace and also gives you drawing powers."
Dr Martens 1461 cherry red shoes

"As a freelance illustrator you can mark the good times as those when you can afford to buy a new pair of Docs ... or spend any money on anything at all really. These ones are so shiny and sturdy and make me an inch taller, which is everything I look for in a shoe.."
Black Jeans

"I'm trying to whittle my wardrobe down to some sort of uniform in order to cut out stressful getting-dressed time and become more productive. It's not going very well, but I have managed to narrow my lower half down to black jeans and black jeans only."
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